Brigand 1

Project starting at the end of 2019 and created by Julien P.
Centered on a dark, intense musical universe, electronic music mixing techno and electro.

Taste this, you deserve it.

Zahia 2

Original art inspired by space, time & human.

Whtamess 3

whtamess is an electronic music producer, beat maker and art director living and working in Vienna-Austria.

His Project debut Single “So Low” in 2020, is a combination of experimental electronic sounds, pop elements, and massive Vocals by the american Singer and songwriter “Plexxaglass”.

His following music shows that his choice of sounds is very inspired by electronic music producers from the 90s as cinematic sounds and contemporary hiphop. Combining theses elements create a very unusual and interesting way to hear and feel new music.

Eu4ic 4

EU4IC is a young producer from San Fransisco California. He can cover a wide variety of genres and moods, creating whatever his emotions inspire.  EU4IC aims to create sonically pleasing soundscapes while maintaining an emotional connection with his listeners through sound design and song structure.

“I try to translate my emotions into my music as best I can. I know we all have similar struggles in life and if I can relate to someone and help them through a tough time or put a smile on their face with my music then I’ve succeeded.”

Emojaxx 5

Say hello to Emojaxx, an up and coming EDM artist with plans to take over the dance music scene. This anonymous producer is making waves with his style of dance music.

“I’ve been making music since I was 12, started with Hip Hop, moved to Club/Pop, then found my home with EDM”.

He’s never after fame, he just wants to do what he loves, get people dancing and sharing his music with the world.

“Determination is key to succeeding in anything you set out to do in life.”

Noizinski 6

He started making music in 2012 on his father’s computer without any knowledge about music. He learned by his own and started to make dubstep.

In 2014 he discovered Gesaffelstein’s and Boys Noize’s style and those artists started to make the NOIZINSKI of today.

Making electronic music on a PC was the first step, thanks to this thirst for learning, why not learn guitar and drums? In 2015 he started to play Nirvana on the guitar in his spare time in high school with friends.

Since 2017 he released some sick tunes, “Wolbretten”, “Hunt”, an EP called “Outlaw” and then started its adventure with DISTOR.

Zethex 7
Seker 8
Narkoleptik 9

Noah’s diagnosis of narcolepsy in 2013 foreshadowed a future of unending exhaustion from the sleep-inducing disorder. While most would focus on the pitfalls of being too tired for a normal schedule, Noah has been fortunate to find that his passion for music production is one of the only things that both hypes him up and can be pursued independently. He turns his weakness into a strength by channeling involuntary lethargy into productivity in the studio.

Droflam 10
Last Ronin 11

Last Ronin is the brainchild of Simon Robinson. Born in Bromsgrove, a small town in Worcestershire, England. & raised around music, the young Last Ronin originally followed the path of a drummer. Then later transitioned to electronic music production early 2013.

After being recognized by the BBC in 2014 with numerous radio airings, he was asked to play at the awesome local festival Noztock. Inspired by such cool artists as MitiSSeven Lions & Virtual Riot, Last Ronin has now set out to make his own imprint in the electronic music scene.

Pillzaxx 12

Hariharan Pillai, also known as Pillzaxx, is a 23 year old Indian Dubstep & Bass Music producer/DJ/Sound Engineer. After sharing stages with a range of fun artists in the dance music industry such as Sander Van Droon, Headhunterz , Marnik or even Gergor salto, he signs with us God Mode end 2018, an hybrid dubstep/trap tune with a crazy sound design.