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HIPPØ & THE JACKET - Second Skin Project Remixed 1

23 artists remixed the Second Skin Project of HIPPØ & THE JACKET.
The result? An anthology of Electronic Music


Fan of the Tomorrowland vibe, Hippolyte was just 14 years old when he started music. Growing up in Vierzon, he didn’t think that when he arrived in Paris he would discover a very different world, a world that resembles him. His discovery for the techno scene was love at first sight. His crazy personality immediately hooked with these sounds, a story of body and machine. If you don’t know the character and his universe, you need to find out. He will rock you. His letter motivates and his favorite word: Rock’n’roll. It’s disruptive, fun and spontaneous, a spirit that looks like him in every way. More than an attitude, a state of mind: the uninhibited freedom of Rock’n’Roll. He is unpredictable and his extravagant personality encompasses a brain keen on music, all kinds of music.

He has put all his energy into music for 10 years now. Today he played in the biggest French techno clubs. Alongside Brodinski in Nantes, Mayeul in Bordeaux, but also in Lille, Toulouse, Rouen and even in Budapest invited by LazerPunk. Known for his white jacket with black and red stripes that he wears at each show, Hippolyte has created his universe embodying all his DNA. His tracks are listened to, appreciated, danced and repeated.

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HIPPØ & THE JACKET announces to us in 10 vlogs over 10 weeks its Second Skin Project